World-Class Teambuilding from Performance Insights, LLC




The hottest teambuilding event in America puts your team in the middle of a crime scene investigation. CSI:YOU is realistic, it’s relevant and it gets results, revealing leadership lessons that can’t be ignored.



Improve Thru Improv

This is teambuilding for people who hate teambuilding. Improve thru Improve is like Ken Blanchard meets Drew Carey, with complete audience participation. Your team will relearn how to have fun together and still get things done.
This makes a great session for developing creativity and innovation.




Outdoor Edge

Teams get a chance to bike, hike, climb, rappel or paddle, or any combination of the above, as they enjoy the great outdoors.
A great opportunity to enjoy what nature has to offer and start building a team at the same time.






A rare opportunity to see what it’s like to don bunker gear and handle a high-pressure hose. Members learn how these everyday heroes manage to perform under stress in this fascinating profession.





Dog Whisperer

Team members travel to a local animal shelter and learn the basics of training dogs to become better citizens. An opportunity to understand the challenge of changing behavior in pets and human beings as well as substantially improve chances for adoption for several dogs.






SWAT – The Ultimate Team Experience

Challenging. Intense. Empowering. Words that describe some of our best experiences. The same adjectives your team will choose when they complete one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences of their lifetimes: SWAT –The Ultimate Team Experience. True, taking down a drug lord or rescuing a hostage may seem like unorthodox approaches to learning leadership, but the lessons learned here are hard to forget.





And the list continues…

Spy vs. Spy – Playing the role of opposing intelligence agents, team members work directly against each other to see who can outsmart and outmaneuver their opponent.
Combat Arms – Members learn to safely handle and fire various police and military weapons, from pistols to sniper rifles, at silhouette targets. A unique afternoon for a special team.
Farmer John – Participants will work on a farm doing whatever needs to be done that day. Possibilities include everything from bucking hay to shoveling…umm, cleaning out the stables.
Team in the Ring – Members learn how to defeat a physically aggressive opponent by using exacting teamwork in various situations. Modeled after the methods used by law enforcement in dealing with dangerous unarmed criminals.
Samurai – Participants learn the basics of the sword, how to defend against this ancient weapon, and will spar individually and in teams. Members will graduate to use of a live blade to demonstrate their skill.
CIA – Members work against an adversary to gather intel, decode messages, and run surveillance on enemy operatives in order to thwart a terrorist attack.
Bomb Tech – Teams become bomb technicians for an intense opportunity to see if they can locate, identify, and defuse multiple IED’s in order to save innocent lives.
Spec Ops – Participants are formed into teams and given pre-designated assignments such as taking down a drug dealer or arresting an armed felon. Simulation weapons such as paintball or soft-air are used.
City Slickers – Team members learn the basics of cowboyin’ like roping, wrangling, and horseback riding. Teams will actually move cattle from place to place on the ranch.