A bulletproof future starts here.




Are you doing what you always wanted to do for a living?

Do you feel challenged and fulfilled at your current job?

Are you a world-class performer in your current role?

Do you look forward to going to work each day?

Have you found your own unique purpose and passion?






If you cannot answer yes to these questions, maybe it is time for a change.




If you have already tried taking the classes and reading the books and watching the videos, and you still aren’t where you want to be, maybe it’s time to hire a personal coach.

A coach can help you discover your talents and develop your strengths. A coach can help you move beyond circumstances and toward possibilities.

Through conversations and assessments, a coach will challenge your thinking, hold you accountable, and help you accomplish things you only dreamed of.



How much would it be worth to finally discover the truth and work out a plan to overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back?


It would be priceless.

Personal coaching clients report that they are 500 – 700% more effective than before they got a coach. If you really want to develop a bulletproof future, consider getting a coach. We have several coaches that are certified, competent, and waiting on your call. The number is 479-644-1717.


Skeptical? How about a little coaching myth busting?


Myth: Successful people don’t need coaches.

Truth: Both common sense and reality tell us this can’t be. The fact is that the most successful people constantly look for ways to improve. People from top athletes to top leaders at all levels now use coaches.


Myth: Coaching is the same as counseling.

Truth: Although both are confidential one-on-one relationships, there are few other similarities. Counseling focuses on healing from things in the past, coaching works to supercharge your achievement of success. Counseling is archeology, coaching is architecture.


Myth: Everyone is equally coachable.

Truth: While everyone has untapped potential, it takes a lot more than that to get the most from a coaching relationship. Only people who are motivated to improve, open to feedback from a fresh perspective, and willing to change their behavior when they see a compelling need can benefit from coaching.


Myth: There is no way to measure the results from coaching.

Truth: Multiple studies and tons of empirical data refute this misconception. People who embrace coaching report that they are 500-700% more effective than they were before they got a coach. They often speak of better relationships both at home and work as well as feelings of contentment and satisfaction they never had before.


The fact is that you were created for an amazing purpose. You’re kind of like a superhero!

You just need a little help finding the “S” on your chest.

Personal Coaching by Performance Insights can help you do just that.