Bulletproof Leaders

For any team or organization to prosper, it must have strong leaders.

Leaders cast the vision, develop the strategy, hire the right people, build cohesive teams, and focus on the right results.

Bulletproof leaders create clarity about what’s important.

Leaders also set the tone for how the team works.

They have the single biggest impact on the culture of their organization as everything they do (or fail to do) tends to cascade down, ultimately impacting the customer and therefore the bottom line.

Here at Performance Insights, LLC, we build bulletproof leaders. They in turn build bulletproof teams.




A bulletproof leader is characterized by the following nine attributes:

1. Highly competent but never arrogant.

2. Both liked and respected by their people.

3. Quick to accept responsibility, slow to assign blame.

4. Challenges people to do great things, but allows them to fail.

5. Trusts their people and proves it through willing vulnerability.

6. Encourages mightily but also holds people accountable.

7. Inspires hope for a better future, both professionally and personally.

8. Is honest and open, but keeps confidences when necessary.

9. Gets the right results without sacrificing their people.



Wondering how the bulletproof leaders methodology is different?

That’s easy.

Our system takes all the best there is to offer in leadership thinking, then makes it useable under even the highest levels of stress.

As you know, there are a million options for leadership development and many of them are quite good. You have probably been to seminars or read books or attended conferences on leadership.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most of us, those wonderful concepts somehow got lost in the day-to-day melee’¬†of emails and deadlines and shifting priorities.

Your good intentions may have simply evaporated along with your patience.

A bulletproof leader is different.

They face the same issues you face, but they have been taught how to identify critical behaviors and priorities, then how to make quick decisions within those guidelines.

It’s the same process used by SWAT operatives facing armed adversaries when the lives of hostages are at stake. And it works.

Wondering about the content of a bulletproof leaders seminar?

Check this page for an example of the kinds of things we typically cover. Of course, if you want some help, just ask.

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