The bulletproof keynote address.


If you are in charge of selecting a speaker for your next event, we believe there are five things you are looking for:

1. A timely topic complete with solid content and practical takeaways.

2. An engaging presenter that uses stories and humor to make key points.

3. Someone who is effortless to work with.

4. A price that fits your budget.

5. For your boss to come up afterward and congratulate you on a great event.


The good news is we deliver on all five every single time. (Okay, so the boss thing is a little iffy.)



Our primary communicator is a foremost authority on leadership and teamwork under stress.


His name is Tim D. Keck.


Tim has spoken before crowds of over 1000 people and shared the stage with celebrities, politicians, and top business leaders. He has spread the message of bulletproof teams from L.A. to London and from Calgary to Cayman.

Because of his eclectic background (he was a Chief of Police and SWAT commander), Tim has an abundance of real-life stories that keep attendees on the edge of their seat. His use of improvisational humor engages the audience and allows them to laugh and learn.

His style is comfortable and energetic, winning over even the skeptics, and giving participants imminently practical tools they can use immediately.

After designing and delivering the keynote for a client’s year-beginning meeting, Tim received the following feedback:

“Tim’s presentation at the Arvest Sales Rally was exactly what we needed.  With over 650 associates attending, the comments from these associates have all been tremendous.  Tim’s message on building relationships was directly in line with our current focus of deepening our relationships not only with customers, but also each other.

 The day was filled with constant audience interaction, which was very well received.  The audience was made up mostly of younger associates, and these activities were greatly appreciated.  Tim’s mix of stories and humor kept the audience engaged for a full 2 hours. 


We were very pleased with the presentation, and will continue to utilize Tim’s services within Arvest.”

– Kirk J. Hays, Executive Vice President, Arvest Bank, Tulsa, OK



The above testimonial is typical of comments received. When speaking at conferences, Tim is often the single highest rated speaker, as with the  AML/Compliance and Financial Crime Conference in the Caymans:

“Tim was a great addition to GCS’s 7th Annual AML/Compliance and Financial Crime Conference.  He was very popular with the audience and received the highest of praises on the evaluation forms.  I would definitely recommend him for any organization.”

– Karen O’Brien, CEO, Global Compliance Solutions, Georgetown, Grand Cayman


Check some of the videos below for more examples of Tim’s style:





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