Finally – a simple, affordable, and cool online way to help your people get better at their jobs.

HRx Plan uses customizable, trackable, employee action plans that put the onus on them  to improve.

You can just sit back and monitor their progress on your computer or smartphone.


1. The process typically starts with an assessment that identifies an employee’s preferred style of working, reveals their hidden motivators, and rates them on 23 separate competencies. The software then creates a personalized action plan the employee uses to grow skills like customer service, conflict management, and creativity/innovation.



2. An associate’s individual competencies are visible at a glance.



3. The employee’s manager and/or the HR manager can delve in to what each associate is learning through the recommended books, webinars, videos, white papers, activities, etc.



4. This view provides a quick assessment of the progress made by each employee.



5. Of course, the data is visible many different ways, including before-and-after graphs.


6. Both you and your employees can access, learn, and monitor HRx Plan features from anywhere!




7. Not only does each associate know you are watching their progress, you can also “gamify” the system and let them accumulate points toward rewards or compete with each other.



8. HRx is secure. Only authorized administrators can view what others have completed. And the entire system is hosted on the same platform used by the CIA.




9. Growing your people, increasing their knowledge, and improving their skills will  positively impact your bottom line.


Businessman looking at graph on the wall


10.  All of this is available for as little as $99 per year!



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