Who We Are



Go Bulletproof is a Performance Insights, LLC brand.

Our goal with the Go Bulletproof initiative is to help create teams and organizations that are both highly successful and great places to work.

Our clients include global corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Performance Insights, LLC is a boutique executive coaching and management consultancy based in NW Arkansas, a land of fertile entrepreneurial soil (think Walmart, Tyson Foods, JB Hunt Transportation, etc). It is headed by Tim D. Keck, a foremost authority on leadership and teamwork under stress.

We are unlike any other firm because we come from a very unique place.  To learn more about us, check out the information below.


Our Purpose

We build bulletproof teams and therefore bulletproof organizations.

A bulletproof team is one that exceeds expectations in an environment where people love both what they do and who they do it with.


Our Values

Truth – We believe we owe you the truth. In a day when fear and political correctness make skirting an issue  easier than ever, we will be the ones who tell you the kind truth, even when it’s hard to hear.

Inspiration – We believe the key to improvement is to find a good enough reason to change.  Since human beings are only capable of great things when they are inspired, we help you use emotion to accomplish lofty goals.

Practicality – We believe in using proven methods that are simple and imminently practical.

Courage – We believe that true success is only possible with courageous action. Part of our job, therefore, is to help you be strong when faced with hard decisions.

Fun – We believe that life is too short not to laugh. We also believe that life is too long not to laugh. We use irreverence and levity to make hard jobs bearable.


Our History

Performance Insights, LLC was founded in 1981 by Bill Oden, a globally successful trainer and coach. It wasn’t until 2003 that he took on a partner, retiring Chief of Police Tim D. Keck. Sadly, Bill passed away in 2006.

Since that time, Tim has been the managing partner. See the bio and video below for his background.



Our People

Tim D. Keck is a  best-selling author, a sought-after speaker, and an expert in performance under pressure. He uses true stories and improvisational humor to engage audiences at all levels. He has been quoted in publications from Newsweek to The New York Times and has made several appearances on national television.

Tim is a veteran of two decades of crime-fighting, retiring from law enforcement as Chief of Police. He has taken what he learned about thriving in a high-stress, high-stakes profession and brought those lessons to the world of work. The results have been phenomenal.

Tim’s Bulletproof Teams framework is a formula for success under stress. It is helping organizations develop strong teams composed of passionate people who love their jobs and the people they work with, ensuring a maximum performance culture.

He has assisted organizations from L.A. to London and from Calgary to the Caymans. Clients include PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark, Walmart Stores, Tyson Foods,  Marriott, Arvest Bank Group, Oppenheimer Fund, Apex Tool Group, J.B. Hunt, Pratt & Whitney, Total Oil – Canada and many more.

While Tim now serves as managing partner at Performance Insights, LLC (a boutique management consultancy based in NW Arkansas), he has long been recognized as an innovative and successful leader both inside and outside of the law enforcement profession.

During his police career, Chief Keck worked his way up through the ranks, serving in many capacities including Patrol Officer, K-9 Trainer, Detective Supervisor and SWAT Team Commander. He has testified before a Congressional committee, provided VIP protection to celebrities and spearheaded a multi-national undercover investigation.

Chief Keck’s work has also been recognized by several federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Agency and Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Justice wrote “The FBI and the American people have been the beneficiaries of your professionalism and dedication to duty…” about his career-long efforts.

Tim now lives in the hills of NW Arkansas on the War Eagle River with his sassy bride Laura and a big, black Bouvier named Oden.



George Glover is a successful C-level leader with experience on several continents and with many cultures. He has a contagious enthusiasm that draws people in.

GeorgeGloverWith almost 25 years in mining, steel manufacturing and construction, George Glover possesses broad functional and direct business leadership experience ranging from corporate level VP Finance and SVP Sales & Marketing positions to business unit leadership roles such as Chief Operating Officer and Regional General Manager. He has led new product development and rollout initiatives for both domestic and multi-national companies.

During an 18 year career with Australia’s largest mining and steel company, George gained vast leadership experience domestically and internationally having worked and lived in California, China, Malaysia, Australia and Mali. Furthermore, he often visited and worked in South America and Asia. During that time, George experienced diverse leadership styles and varying team dynamics that deepened his appreciation for effective leadership and business culture.

In addition to working for a publicly owned company with over 15,000 employees, George spent the last six years in smaller organizations, both employee and privately owned, with 300-500 employees. Both experiences enabled George to appreciate more intimate levels of leadership.

While George has an Executive MBA from Golden Gate University in Sacramento, CA, as well as a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance from the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, his experiences around the world and here at home provided more learning opportunities than he could have ever imagined. George is now passionate about sharing those experiences with others in helping people strengthen both their businesses and themselves as leaders.

George resides in Oklahoma City with his amazing wife, Holly, a two-time Ironman Triathlete, and two children, George and Caroline, who love competitive swimming.


Dr. Blake Brandes is a speaker, author, consultant, Marshall Scholar, and hip-hop educator.

With a PhD in global youth culture and a wealth of experience in social media and music production, Blake brings a fresh perspective to one of the greatest internal challenges that companies currently face – navigating differing generational values and expectations.  Management and talent development are demonstrated to improve operational efficiency, and a major differentiating factor for organizations is how well they communicate internally and externally.

If the incoming generation is speaking a different language, managers will benefit greatly from better understanding this language, rather than dismissing or trying to ignore it.

With his unique brand of hip-hop education, Blake has beatboxed and rapped his way through international concerts, low-income schools, academic conferences, national corporate sales meetings and non-profit training sessions, all with the goal of helping people to understand one another, communicate more clearly, and have fun while they’re doing it.  As he focuses on the intergenerational needs of organizations, Blake brings an unforgettable experience to every venue and workshop that he leads and performs.

Performance Insights brings our substantial experience in management training and organizational consulting to bear with Blake’s unique expertise, and the results will change the way organizations think about intergenerational communication for years to come.


With three decades of HR experience, there is little Elaine Riley hasn’t seen. From Texas to Arkansas to Australia she has helped organizations of all sizes develop a stronger, more effective, and lower risk human resource environment. ElaineRiley

As an HR manager and director, Elaine has covered the gamut including employee relations, recruiting, benefits, payroll, training, and managing large departments. She has worked with all levels of management in corporate structure, legal issues, employee performance, and team building. Elaine’s passion is aiding people in growing their careers and meeting their goals whether in a corporate capacity or on an individual basis. She has a special interest in aiding small organizations evaluate their HR functions, policies, and practices, and help avoid the costly pitfalls that often begin with “I didn’t know we had to do that.”

A native Texan, Elaine spent the late 1990s and early 2000s on walkabout in Australia. There she had opportunities to work on various projects for clients ranging from assessing the tourism challenges in the remote Northern Territory, to working as an Assistant Editor for a large Australia magazine publisher. Elaine also created and led workshops and retreats for writers, journal enthusiasts, and presented live performance events for artists to perform their work in public (music, poetry, comedy, readings, etc.). Living all over Australia gave her a different perspective on working with people to achieve their dreams and helped her understand the benefits of a highly multicultural environment.

Elaine happens to be a writer, artist, mixed media artist, lampwork professional (she makes glass beads), and avid doodler. The doodling started as a stress reliever and method of meditation, but has turned into a way to problem solve, gain perspective, and, overall, create something lovely and unique! Elaine has recently relocated to the Boulder, Colorado area and is beginning a new season of her life. As a parent and grandparent and all the other roles we all fill, Elaine believes in family and striving for that balance and happiness people deserve and can attain.


Cari Kaufman is an intuitive and innovative Leadership, Career and Personal Coach who energizes professionals in leadership positions to identify and overcome performance and communication barriers while building highly successful organizations and developing a unique and compelling personal brand.

Cari’s experiences run the gamut from military officer to stay-at-home mom and give her a unique perspective into everyday life.  Her calm-under-fire approach to the transitions in life make her the perfect partner to help navigate the waters of change.

Cari graduated from the University of Arkansas, was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, and spent four years serving her country in one of the most highly deployed units in the American military.  In 1999, she was awarded the prestigious Soldier’s Medal for Heroism, after rescuing a young girl from a gang rape and single-handedly dispatching several attackers.

After leaving the military, Cari became the factory manager in a plastics manufacturing facility.  While there, she became the primary liaison for labor union negotiations, eventually becoming known for her ability to diffuse tense situations and broker satisfying solutions for all parties.  After the birth of her first child, Cari put her time management and leadership skills to the test as a stay-at-home mother of two children. She has also served as the Community Services Representative and Veterans Services Liaison for Home Instead Senior Care, giving her the opportunity to give back to those who have served our country.

As a coach, Cari uses her keen intuition and well-rounded insight to help her clients regain perspective and forward momentum in their lives.  In addition to coaching, Cari is a talented and energetic speaker and an experienced facilitator who can address a wide variety of subjects including leadership, retention, customer service and more.

Cari lives with her fabulous husband, Charlie in the heart of Northwest Arkansas and they have two amazing children, Alexander and Elizabeth.



Kim Gordon has set herself apart as a successful entrepreneur and innovator whose sole focus is helping make people and teams better.  She has studied world-class performance from perspectives as varied as that of professional athletes all the way to stay-at-home moms.  Her athletic mindset of hard work and mental toughness combined with creative methods to tackle everyday challenges translates into victory and success for her clients.

While completing her Masters degree in Kinesiology/Sport Psychology at Texas Christian University, Kim worked with collegiate athletes in creating transferable skills from the sports arena into the life arena.  Her professional experience has involved helping life athletes improve performance by managing health and wellness, finances, and mental stress.  Kim’s specialty lies in working with people through transitions, be it sports athletes through injury and retirement, soldiers preparing for deployment or military retirement, in addition to couples on the brink of financial retirement or widows during their most trying times.

As a Performance Consultant for Performance Insights, LLC, she has conceived and managed initiatives for such companies as Kimberly-Clark and First Command Financial Planning. Clients often comment not only on Kim’s competence, but also on her quick wit and sense of humor that tends to “…make even hard work fun.”

Kim is married to Brian Gordon, a West Point grad. Together they own a thriving business in Kansas City but agree that their daughters, Isabelle and Adrian, are by far the best thing they’ve ever done.





Bill Oden, founder of Performance Insights, passed away in February of 2006. He was an author, executive coach, speaker, and consultant. Bill founded Performance Insights in 1981 to provide consulting, training and tools that help people and organizations be more effective.

He traveled the world for many years, helping people be better than they thought they could be. His impact was substantial and he will be sorely missed.

Bill’s work included significant involvement in:

Strategic Planning

At Volkswagen Canada, working with the board of directors, he led the planning and implementation of a company-wide customer service program. The program was hailed as the best improvement program at the company in over a decade. At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, he installed a staff driven Quality Performance Planning System that produced the best performance improvement the organization had experienced.

Project Management

At Colorado National Bank, he guided the trust department through a quality improvement process. At Hewlett-Packard Northern Colorado, Bill led a Time/Project Management program consistently rated as top in the region. The same program was also successfully delivered at American Express, Cobe Labs, Kaiser-Permanente, MCI, and the University of Colorado.

Performance Planning

At Colorado National Bank-Trust and Financial Services Department, he consulted extensively with senior management leading to significant improvements in profitability and effectiveness. At 3M, Bank of America, Red Wing Shoes and the Panama Canal Commission, he led upper management groups through a leadership development process resulting in managers insistence that their staff be given the same experience. At the U.S. House of Representatives, Bill installed a performance effectiveness program for House Support Services.

Customer Service Systems and Delivery

Bill planned and implemented programs to improve customer service levels at several organizations including, American Express, Avis, US Air, Equant, Eurand America and Nextel Communications.

An active community member, Mr. Oden served as a Vice-President of his national fraternity and was a Board Member of Community Resources, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. He chaired the Denver Rotary Club Youth Mentor Program and served as chairman of the administrative committee at his church. He has been recognized by Outstanding Young Men of America, Who’s Who in the United States and Outstanding Fly Fisherman (self-nominated, self-recognized and a controversial designation in certain circles).


Bill leaves behind his wife, Alice, a woman of amazing strength and grace who was truly Bill’s best friend. His legacy also includes his son Ryan, an physician, and Carol, a London ballet instructor. Both his children have wonderful families who continue to live out his example of intelligence, humor, and a love for people and for life.